EBCALA has made important contributions to the autism community since its formation. 

First, it has served as a training ground for lawyers and advocates who seek to understand and address the urgent legal needs of those affected by autism. Since 2009, EBCALA has organized informative, timely and provocative conferences for continuing legal education credit as part of the larger Chicago-based Autism One conference. Hundreds of lawyers, advocates, parents and students have attended. 

Second, EBCALA has articulated the perspective of many organizations in the autism community in court cases of major significance. See our amicus briefs. 

Third, it has supported a major study about autism among compensated cases of vaccine injury in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program of the Court of Federal Claims in 2011. 

Finally, EBCALA board members frequently lecture, write and comment on the legal issues confronting the autism community (see EBCALA News).  EBCALA seeks to continue to lead the path in understanding and addressing the legal challenges of the autism community.