Insurance Law

Families in the autism community face many hardships, including financial ones. The costs of educational, medical and psychological interventions are high. Families who try to obtain reimbursement for their autism-related therapy and medical costs from their health insurance carriers face enormous challenges. States have widely differing laws which may or may not compel insurance coverage for such therapies and interventions. Whether coverage is compelled by statute or not, many insurers attempt to preserve their assets and deny coverage for the most standard treatment protocols for autism, such as Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA therapy). Because early intervention in autism has been shown to be most effective in improving the prognosis for children with autism, families often urgently try to complete as much of the basic medical and therapeutic interventions as possible in as short a time as possible, such as – ABA, speech, occupational therapy, physical therapy. Access to reimbursement from private insurance coverage for these therapies, in addition to or as a supplement to school district reimbursement often becomes a critical concern, as the costs for such intensive therapies can be extremely costly.