Special Education Law

In the public school system, today’s economy is forcing larger class sizes, layoffs and other changes that compromise our schools’ ability to serve students with ASD. With smaller budgets and fewer resources, is more important now than ever for parents and lawyers to be trained on how to best advocate for ASD children and teens in need of federally mandated services.

To prevail in this battle, parents need information, skills, and tools. Whether you are an experienced special education practitioner, a parent needing advocacy training, or a lawyer desiring a pay-it-forward pro bono practice, EBCALA’s special education trainings and related advanced courses are not to be missed. Seminars include Individualized Educational Programs (IEPs), how to artfully advocate, prepare for meetings, obtain a proper evaluation and re-evaluation, and how to resolve disputes with the school. EBCALA is dedicated to helping practitioners and parents obtain an appropriate education for your child, through trainings and networking with other parent attorneys and advocates nationwide.


Council of Parent Attorneys & Advocates

National Disability Rights Network