Help Us to Continue our Advocacy in 2013

Dear Friends,

As you know, EBCALA continues to address the legal needs of the autism community. We have assembled an incredibly dedicated and dynamic team of highly qualified advocates. Our team is unparalleled in their commitment, even as they excel in careers and attend to the challenges of family life with autistic children.

Other organizations provide moral support, services and scientific investigation; however, the very real legal needs have often gone unmet. This includes legal advocacy for appropriate health care, insurance coverage, special education, and treatment in the criminal justice system; compensation for vaccine injury; and the right to vaccination exemption.

Since our inception in 2008, we have proactively sought to opportunities to address these legal needs in judicial and legislative forums.

Utilizing a deep judicial knowledge of autism law, EBCALA has taken the amicus lead in significant cases before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit and the U.S. Supreme Court. We filed amicus briefs in Cedillo v. HHS as well as Bruesewitz v. Wyeth – both cases had huge significance for the autism community.

In addition to legal advocacy, EBCALA has also promoted research scholarship. We publicized the the peer-reviewed Pace Environmental Law Review article by four EBCALA board members entitled “Unanswered Questions From the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program: A Review of Compensated Cases of Vaccine-Induced Brain Injury.”

Board members have supported efforts in the New York State legislative to preserve the current DSM-IV definition of autism and maintain appropriate services for affected children.

Board Chair Mary Holland testified before the Vermont House of Representatives Health Committee and the West Virginia Joint House and Senate Health Committees on the significance of preserving the right to religious and philosophical exemptions from vaccination.

We have also been effective in garnering significant media attention for topics important to the autism community. EBCALA organized many press conferences and briefings in 2012 that resulted in more than 25 stories in the media.

Our board and staff members have have written many articles on autism law and advocacy for the Age of Autism web newspaper, Autism Science Digest and The Autism File. Board and staff have also appeared on many radio and television shows to discuss EBCALA’s work.

While we are very proud of our accomplishments, we are painfully aware of what remains to be done. EBCALA is funded primarily through individual donations. We need your help to maintain momentum and to continue to advocate for the needs of children, adults and families struggling with autism.

EBCALA’s 2013 goals are:

  • to create a systematic legal referral service for the autism community;
  • to educate parents in the autism community on their rights;
  • to act as a resource for local state and national legislatures when considering laws that may affect the autism community;
  • to publish articles about autism and the law as well as gain media attention for them; and
  • to provide updates on new legal developments.

We would deeply appreciate your support:

  • Make a one-time or recurring monthly contribution. You may donate online at or by check to EBCALA, 425 Main St #9S, New York, NY 10044.
  • Volunteer. Please contact us to find out more about how you can help.

Thank you for your generosity and best wishes from EBCALA for 2013.

Mary Holland
Chair, Board of Directors, EBCALA