Trace Amounts Released on Digital Download and DVD

We’re excited to announce that the digital download and DVD release of Trace Amounts will be available today, April 2nd.

Trace Amounts is a compelling documentary that tells Eric Gladen’s story of his journey coping with the neurological effects of mercury poisoning that he believes resulted from a vaccine containing the mercury-based preservative thimerosal. The film also investigates the strong evidence to suggest that thimerosal causes irreversible neurological damage, including a link to autism, for many who are injected with it. The film further explores the alarming rate at which the world population is being exposed to mercury through industrial emissions and the unsafe use and disposal of dental silver fillings and florescent light bulbs.

The mission of Trace Amounts is to educate the world about the dangers of mercury and to eliminate mercury-based products and manufacturing processes immediately and responsibly, starting with the removal of mercury from all medical products. The filmmakers hope to inspire corporations and governments to Go Mercury Free, while simultaneously creating an environment of informed consent.

We need your help to spread the word and we ask you to share Trace Amounts with your friends and family. Help educate others with the right science and get them involved to take positive action.

As a Trace Amounts Coalition Partner, EBCALA will receive a $1 donation for each copy purchased. So please us the promo code TAEBCALA when you purchase to support EBCALA. Digital Downloads and DVD purchases are available April 2, 2015 at